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About the practitioner

Ella Hunt

Photo of Ella Hunt, owner of Svana

Educated at the Globe Institute in Sausalito, CA, Ella is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner with a BA in Songwriting from Belmont University. With a lifelong love of music and immersion in the world of holistic health, Ella knew from a young age that she wanted to help people with frequency. Her core belief is that everyone is born with the perfect tools to heal themselves. When given the space to receive true & dedicated support, they can blossom into their unique, empowered blueprint.



30 min


Sound Therapy Session

60 min


Evox Frequency Support Therapy

75 minutes


Couple's Sound Bath

60 minutes


A quick, relaxing, and grounding treatment using Dolphin frequency pillow + tuning forks on meridian points on the body, in the field, and on either side of the head as brainwave entrainment tools. All used to "tune" the system and introduce more flow.

Personalized to your system, this sound bath session is composed of several different instruments and vocal toning for the purpose of bringing your mind, body, and spirit to a greater state of coherence. 

Using the client's speaking voice, this transformational program detects subtle emotional and mental frequencies related to a chosen topic. Frequency feedback is then given directly to the body to assist in reprogramming the emotional state to more ease. Learn more

A private sound bath for two people. Perfect for friends, anniversaries, or experiencing a sound bath for the first time in the comfort of privacy with a significant other. 

For 60 min private sound baths for 3 or more people, please contact Ella at to schedule. 

3-5 people $175

6-10 $250

10-20 $350

Groups larger than 20, please contact directly for pricing.

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