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Singing bowls in an arc with a shaker on the end

Why Svana?

Karasvana करस्वन - the sound produced by clapping the hands, [Rāmāyaṇa] 

Karasvana is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms kara and svana (स्वन); the latter meaning sound.

This word symbolizes the innocence and openness of my first experience with deep inner work through a Shamanic journey in my teenage years. During this experience I received many insights from my dolphin animal guide, one of which was her name "Karasvana." Dolphins are enmeshed in the world of sound, and I could not think of a better title for the higher sounds that move through me. It sits in full reverence as an aspect of myself I strive to embody everyday, carrying the frequencies of the inner knowing within all of us.

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