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Why Sound?

Sound Healing is an ancient modality currently being reinvigorated in our modern society. What excites me the most about sound as a practitioner is its capacity to zero in at the cellular level, addressing the root cause of dis-ease, as it brings the whole body back to a truly balanced state. It is this cellular and quantum healing that I envision for everyone in my practice.

The most important principle of sound healing is that everything is vibration. Atoms and subatomic particles vibrate and move constantly; thus, everything makes a sound whether we can hear it or not. This is based on the Law of Vibration in Physics.

Stable vibration is used to overcome chaotic vibrations (which are present in all forms of illness or inflammation) and entrain them to a more stable, coherent state. Inversely, sound is also used to break up stuck chaotic vibrations and move them out of the system. 

These are the foundations of Svana. My goal is to empower your body, your heart, and mind sonically in healing. I feel immense gratitude for being a member of the sound healing field and to be part of this great remembering of our time.


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FAQ: What to expect in a 1:1 sound therapy session

Q: What should I wear to a sound therapy session? 

A: Wear whatever makes you most comfortable that doesn't have too many thick layers on the back of the body for the sake of tuning fork placement. You will be lying down for the entirety of your session. 

Q: Do I need to prepare anything for my session?

A: Nope! All that is required is you :) you may desire to set an intention prior to your session, and if you'd like, share this intention with Ella. 

Q: Are there any risks associated with sound therapy sessions?

A: There are two instances in which sound healing is not recommended. If you have a history of blood clots/current blood clots or are pregnant, it is advised to wait until clots are fully resolved or you have given birth. Also, tell your practitioner of any health concerns you are currently experiencing or have experienced in the past.

Q: What does the average sound session look like?

A: You will lie down fully clothed on our massage table, & will be guided into some breathing exercises while your practitioner begins playing an instrument, often a singing bowl. After a few moments to allow you to drop into a deep state of relaxation, Ella will shift to new instruments, incrementally adding more sounds into your experience. Those sounds often include but are not limited to: crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bells, vocal toning and other vocal sounds such as sighs, buzzing, and humming, rainstick, shakers, tanpura, guitar, chimes, bells, and tuning forks.

Q: Should I tell my practitioner if I have aversions to certain sounds or sound levels?

A: Yes, absolutely. Please alert Ella to any sound preferences or instrument preferences before your session. Additionally, if at any point during your session you experience discomfort in any way let her know and she will remove those sounds.


Q: How will I feel during/after my session?

A: During the session, you may experience waves of emotion, tingling in random parts of your body, changes in mood, random images or visuals, warmth/coldness, light muscle spasms or pulsing, etc. Each sensation (unless painful) is your body's unique way of integrating the frequency, and there is no wrong way to receive sound. Afterward, a sense of deep relaxation, almost like waking up from a nap or deep meditation. It is advised to take time and not operate heavy machinery until you feel you have fully returned to waking consciousness. It is also important to drink extra water and set time aside for more sleep if possible to assist your system in integrating. Your dreams may become more vivid & reflect a vibrational shift, so take note of any changes in the weeks following your session.

What to expect at a sound bath


The basis of all sound healing is creating consistent, stable vibrations to overcome chaotice vibrations physically, mentally, and emotionally. All sounds during a sound bath contribute to greater homeostasis, supporting you in feeling "in tune" and encouraging you to enter a parasympathetic or "rest and digest" state of being. 


During a sound bath, you will lay back and relax on a yoga mat while listening to a concert of soothing instruments to bring you deeper into a state of peace. Much like savasana after a yoga class, Ella may introduce guided meditations and even group sound therapy exercises to support you in your experience. 

The FAQ answers regarding how to prepare for a sound therapy session, as well as "how will I feel" questions, are the same for a sound bath. The main difference is that sound baths are in a group setting and don't involve placing instruments on the body. Both are supportive in different ways, with sound therapy being individualized support and sound baths being a great bonding activity or place for relaxation with others.

Wear something comfy, and enjoy the vibrations!  

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